Our Story

We are Tipsy Panda, a brand founded by James, a bartender gone rogue. After years of rising through the ranks of the hospitality industry, he got more and more frustrated with the closed off world of cocktails - drinks that are only accessible to trained professionals and the people willing to pay those pros to make it for them.

Feel like having cocktails at home? You had 2 options - spend a significant amount of time & money on research, shop runs, equipment, full size bottles of liquor, when in reality you only need a small amount of each, or compromise on quality and freshness, settling for an easy canned cocktail, saving you money, but removing the beauty and experience behind the drink. So we made a 3rd...

The 3rd

The quality and experience you would get from some of the finest bars in the UK, made as easily accessible as those canned cocktails. A pre-measured kit, containing everything needed to make the finest cocktails, including ingredients superior to most bars across the world.

Recipes & flavours found across the world, ingredients specially curated from smaller batch brands with real passion for their products, all perfected by our team of trained mixologists.

This is not only the opportunity for you to enjoy proper cocktails from home, but also creating the opportunity for you to discover new ingredients, learn new recipes and experience new drinks, making the closed off world of cocktails accessible to everyone.


The team at Tipsy Panda all have a passion for Eco-friendly living and sustainability and we are always looking to do more.

Our focus is on quality in our products and our services, offering a real learning experience and offering sustainable ways of getting your favourite things! The world of Eco-friendly products is growing rapidly and we can hardly keep up, so if you have any ideas of more we can do to help any of our focuses, please get in touch via email or through Instagram and we would love to try and make it work!