By James Harris

December 2021 - What's in the Box?

As its Tipsy Panda's first Christmas, we wanted to give you a special thank you for supporting our small business and being a part of our growth! We are so excited for the years to come and look forward to you joining us as we grow!

The Goods

50ml Dark Rum
25ml Orange Cognac
12.5ml Grenadine
1/2 Freshly Squeezed Lemon
1/2 Freshly Squeezed Lime
75ml Pineapple Juice
1 Lemon Wheel
1 Lime Wheel
1 Fruit Flavoured Candy Cane

The Guide

1. Get a highball glass (or other tall glass) and fill it with ice to chill.
2. Grab your shaker and take off both caps.
3. Pour 50ml Dark Rum, 25ml Orange Cognac, and 25ml Modified Grenadine into the shaker.
4. Cut the lemon and lime in half, slice off a wheel from each (to garnish).
5. Squeeze half of the lemon and lime into your shaker (Watch out for seeds!)
6. Fill the shaker with ice, put both caps on, place one hand on the top and one on the bottom. Give it a proper shake, until it's too cold to carry!
7. Take off the small cap and strain it into your glass. If necessary, add more ice.
8. Top up your glass with Pineapple Juice and place the garnishes in the drink.
9.If it is too strong, split half into another glass and fill both with Pineapple Juice.